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Blue Shirt Nation

Best Buy has successfully integrated an internal social network directly into employees daily lives. The results are dramatic and this is a great example of how social media can be used to empower employees and engage them in a meaningful … Continue reading

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EA People

Electronic Arts (EA) is a leading global company in interactive entertainment with 9,000 employees scattered across the world. The company was having a hard time with employee collaboration and team development due to the dispersed nature of its employees. It … Continue reading

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Yammer 2.0

Yammer is a microblogging site, similar to Twitter, for businesses to use internally. Recognizing the need for social networking, the two year old company announced its Yammer 2.0 project last week. This updated version of Yammer will include features similar to LinkedIn and … Continue reading

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IBM’s Beehive: Internal Social Networking

IBM recognized the importance of social networking, especially for the younger ‘millennial’ employees. Instead of trying to restrict employees access to these sites, IBM had a novel idea: create a social network exclusively for IBM employees. The IBM Watson Research … Continue reading

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Why Does It Matter?

The number one reason employee engagement is important is because it affects the bottom line. According to Ethan Yarbrough, president of Allyis, Inc., engaged employees are up to 28% more productive than their unengaged counterparts. Disengaged workers cost U.S. businesses … Continue reading

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